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Our mission is to help the living kidney donors during recovery, raise awareness and promote living kidney and deceased organ donation.

There are approximately 104,234 men, women and children on the national transplant waiting list as of March 2023. About 88,901 on the list are waiting for kidney donors.


Potential kidney donors are sometimes hesitant to donate their kidney because of the expected monthly living expenses during recovery.  Full recovery takes time.  It may take 6 to 12 weeks or longer.

Kidney donors are making a difference! Giving someone a NEW LIFE! Why not help them during recovery?!

We are all volunteers committed to making a difference. We assist kidney donors.  By helping them, we are reducing the number of people waiting for a kidney transplant.  Average wait time is 3 to 5 years!


Please support our mission. 


New Life Kidney Donor Assistance helps living kidney donors cover their expenses during recovery.  Kidney donors face escalating expenses following the surgery. State short term disability is not always enough to cover their monthly expenses. During the three months recovery time, kidney donors must be able to pay for rent, mortgage payment, car insurance, car loan, cable, wifi, phone, electric, gas, heat and hot water bills. Other organizations cover transportation, traveling expenses or provide minimal grants. This may not be enough to cover all of their monthly costs. In some cases, recovery time for kidney donors could take longer than the time it takes for the kidney recipient to recover.

We are a non-profit organization registered with the IRS under Section IRC 501(c)(3).  All donations are tax deductible under IRC Section 170. Together, we can help the thousands of kidney patients and potential kidney donors.


We appreciate your help.  Thank you very much!  


Our team

Annelle Grayon

Founder & President

Divina Andrada

CFO & Treasurer

Cherry Croom

Special Events Director

Rhianna Pitre-Seidenberg


Deborah Seidenberg

Board Member

Linh Nguyen

Board Member


Elise Fischer

Board Member

Johnny Loperena

Board Member

Sharon Tolosa

Board Member

Vanessa Lontoc

Board Member

Nirmesh Kumar

Board Member

Lois Fahie

Board Member

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